Become a resident

Some information

Admission is granted to national and international students who are enrolled at one of the universities in Hamburg, as well as students attending the Hamburg Conservatorium in Blankenese and a preparatory course at the Studienkolleg. 


Applications from students over age of 30 will be considered seperately. Applications from students over the age of 35 will not be accepted.


The following people are not entitled to a room in a Studierendenwerk hall of residence: interns, people on a voluntary social year (FSJ), students at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg and the Evangelical University for Social Studies.


The standart length of time to live in a hall of residence is four to five years. Time spent living in anonther hall in Hamburg will be taken into consideration.


You can fill in the application form online (note the buttons below). There is a waiting list to which any application can be added earliest with a leadtime of three months before your chosen date for moving in.


You can also pick up the application form from the Counselling Centre Accommodation (Beratungszentrum Wohnen) or print it out. Please send the completed form together with a photo of you to Studierendenwerk Hamburg, Von-Melle Park 2, 20146 Hamburg, Germany.


Don't forget to specify, that you want to be a resident of Kiwittsmoor. Of course you can also apply for another dorm.