the welcome tutor

“Now YOU are a KIWI as well! The Welcome-Tutor welcomes you at our dormitory.”


Next to Mr. Rick, the Welcome-Tutor is probably the first person you meet when you move into our dormitory. He/she helps Mr. Rick with the process of moving in and, therefore, it is possible that it’s the Welcome-Tutor who shows you your room. You can immediately talk to him/her about the dormitory.

The Welcome-Tutor gives you a lot of useful tips for the area and where you can find everything in the dormitory. He/she has probably given you an info sheet when you moved in. He/she also organizes meetings and a brunch at the beginning of the winter semester for all the new residents.


If you have questions or problems concerning your apartment and flat mates, then you should first go talk to the Welcome-Tutor or the dorm council. They will gladly help you with these problems. If you have a bigger problem and/or feel uncomfortable with speaking German, the Welcome-Tutor will help you communicating with Mr. Rick. 

Should you have any questions, contact the Welcome-Tutor via email or the Heimrat