Leisure time activities

hobby groups

Apart from the “Tutorien“, which are permanently integrated into our dorm life, there are also hobby groups in the Kiwi. These groups are a bit more flexible and don’t take place every semester. You can join existing groups, pick up old ones or form new ones. This way you can pursue your hobbies and meet new people at the same time.


The Game Group:
hosts game nights in the playroom


The Bicycle Group:
repairs, rents and sells bikes to the residents of the dorm 


The Garden Group:
takes care of the garden in the dorm (inactive at the moment)

The Yoga Group:  
regularly meets to do yoga


The dorm council regularly organizes trips and events for and with the residents.

The trips can be bowling, canoeing, but also Paintball and the Hamburg Dungeon. If you have an idea for a good trip you are welcome to share it with the dorm council.


We also organize three big events each semester like our Summerparty. All tenants are warmly invited to party with us.


When and where the trips and events take place is announced by Mail and possibly by posters.