The bar

You can find our bar in house 39, room 0.1. It is located at the courtyard between houses 37 and 39. It the better part of our life in the dormitory happens here as most of the“Tutorien” take place in bar. You can play table football, darts or XBOX 360 here, if you like. Moreover, if you just want to relax and chat with your dorm mates, you can sit on the sofas and enjoy your drinks that you can get for low prices.

Photographs by Anna Schmidt

your party in the bar

You can also rent the bar if you want to organize a bigger party. To do so, you have to deposit 150€ as security which you will get back the next day if everything is undamaged and clean.


It is important, however, that you notify the property management about your party two weeks in advance. For that, you have to come to a dorm council meeting with an form (you can get it by your first chairman) (please make sure that there are at least two weeks time between the meeting and your party!). The dorm council will then decide about your proposal and sign the form which you have to take to the property management the next day. Afterwards, all that is left to do is contacting the bar tutors to set a date for receiving the keys to the bar. After this, everything is ready and you can have your party!