the dorm council

What is the dorm council?

The dorm council is the mediator between the residents and the Studierendenwerk as well as the property management. We are in contact with the Studierendenwerk and constantly try to improve the living situation here. If you have any problems with your flat mates, the property management or if you simply have questions about your life here, feel free to ask us for help. We also take care of general aspects of living here in the Kiwi by tending to the common rooms or the terraces, for example. 


What is the dorm council doing?

Apart from that, we organize many events that you can attend in your leisure time, such as playing paintball together or bowling. You can find out more about this here. We, furthermore, plan two to three big parties per semester. In the summer semester we host the “Dance-into-May-party”, the summer party and the “Oktoberfest”. In the winter semester we organize a Halloween and a carnival party. 

How can i participate?

The dorm council is no fixed group, of course. Any permanent resident of our dormitory can be elected to be a part of the dorm council at the plenary meeting.

How is the dorm council structured?

There are 7 positions in the dorm council:

1. Chairman – leads the dorm council meetings and works with the property management

2.Deputy Chairman – responsible for minute taking at the meetings

3. Finances – manages the dorm’s bank account and cash box

4. Media – administrates the homepage and contact details of the dorm council

5. Hausausschuss – communicates with representatives of the Studierendenwerk

6.Hausaufnahmeausschuss–decides about requests of prolongation, together with property    management

7. Common rooms – takes care of our common rooms, such as laundry rooms and study